Celebrate Festival Inc
Large range of Indian Festival, Novelties, Restaurant Equipment, Supplies, Decoration, Reusable / Promotional Bag and Packaging boxes.

Celebrate Festival Inc (BuyTandoor.com) is one stop shop for Restaurant Equipments
  1. Restaurant Supplies
  2. Festival & Novelties
Products are available online and in-store (warehouse) . Our stores are conveniently located at heart of CA and in New Jersey.
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We guarantee for quality of products and best prices.

  1. Restaurant Supplies
    • Largest range of Tandoor and Restaurant Equipments
    • Largest range of equipments exclusively for Indian Restaurants
    • Ready stock and convenient store hours
  2. Home Kitchen Utensils
Office Address:

West Coast customers please call:  
Celebrate Festival Inc / BuyTandoor.Com

Street Address :  Coming Soon 

San Jose, CA, 95135

ph# 925-305-6564

East Coast and Midwest Customer Please call :
New Jersey
Nishi Enterprise
754 New Brunswick Ave
Rahway, NJ 07065
ph# 732-790-0199/ 732-610-7088